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ERI SEE Launching and Thematic conference – Vision of regional cooperation for quality education and training – 26th October 2018, Belgrade, Serbia

To mark the official establishment of the ERI SEE Secretariat, the international Launching and Thematic conference –  Vision of Regional Cooperation for Quality Education and Training is taking place on the 26th of October 2018 in the Hyatt hotel in Belgrade, gathering the highest decision-making ministry representatives from the region, policy implementers, education and training experts, , as well as international partners (European Training Foundation, Regional Cooperation Council, GIZ…), who will have the opportunity to exchange their views on improving quality of education and training and continue the work already going on at regional level.

The objective of the conference is to foster and emphasize regional cooperation as a means of contributing to the better quality of education and training systems in the region, and as a result, social and working prospects of its citizens. The conference also aims at fostering understanding of current trends in the area of quality education in general, VET and higher education.

The conference is organized in cooperation between the MoESTD of the Republic of Serbia, (the host country of the ERI SEE Secretariat) and the ERI SEE Secretariat itself, with great support of the Austrian Ministry of Education (via KulturKontakt Austria), international partners (European Training Foundation and Regional Cooperation Council), and ministries in charge of education from the region (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, and Montenegro). The mentioned ministries are the founders and decision-making body of the ERI SEE, having mandated it to enhance and facilitate South Eastern Europe regional cooperation in the area of education and training.

The conference is designed in the following way:

  1. The first part of the conference (Launching part) will offer the platform for the exchanges among the highest policy-level representatives regarding their vision for quality education and training in the SEE region, together with the expert presentations on quality in education and training, and example of quality cooperation in the Nordic region.
  1. The second part of the conference (Thematic part) will offer the platform for exchanges among the policy implementers, in the form of the expert panel and working meetings of already established regional expert groups (Western Balkans Alliance for Work-based Learning; Work Group for the Recognition of Academic Qualifications, SEE Network for Teacher Education and Training and Expert Group on Quality Assurance in General Education). The mentioned expert groups are established by ERI SEE and partner organizations – Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), European Training Foundation (ETF), South Eastern Europe VET Network (SEEVET-Net) and Chambers Investment Forum (CIF). This part of the conference will enable the continuation of the work already in progress among the members of the expert groups.
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