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3rd International Stakeholder Conference | ERI SEE

3rd International Stakeholder Conference

6. November 2014 - 7. November 2014
Vienna, Austria

The 3rd Stakeholder Forum of the Priority Area 9 "Investing in People and Skills" will take place in Vienna on November 6th and 7th.

The aim of this years' conference is to provide a framework to review the last three years of implementation, to present and discuss results and issues and to set the right steps for future developments. It will reassemble actors and promoters of the EUSDR from fourteen Danube Region countries in order to address common challenges for the future and to discuss and develop innovative policies, projects and networks in the fields of performance and quality of education systems; cooperation in the labour market; creativity and entrepreneurship; lifelong learning and learning mobility; equity, social cohesion and active citizenship; demography and migration; poverty and social inclusion; and gender equality.

The conference is financed by European Union funds, the Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (Austria) and the Federal Ministry of Education and Women`s Affairs (Austria).

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