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General education

The strategic framework (multiannual national strategic documents, South Eastern Europe 2020 Strategy, Economic Reform Programmes and their assessments) specified improving the quality and efficiency of education and training as one of the strategic objectives, crucial for the success of Europe and the region, and for enhancing employability.

The education systems should develop along the lines of policy guidance directed at, among others, adopting and implementing quality standards in education, introducing internal assessment and external evaluation of education, improving education systems outcomes for greater employability and greater achievements, improving access to education, skills matching the labour market needs, increasing levels of basic and transversal/soft skills among teacher and consequently students, and creating opportunities for permanent in-service teacher trainings. Increase in the level of digitalisation is also deemed necessary for the increase in the quality of education and better preparation for students for the life and work in the modern era.

Therefore, within the framework of ERI SEE, the activities aiming at enhancing the quality of education, in particular in general education, ecompass the following:

  • Establishment of the regional platform for the cooperation of education experts in the region dealing with quality assurance in general education (QA network) and addressing recommendations of the European Quality Assurance Reference Framework in general education, with the particular focus on the internal and external assessment of education
  • Synchronizing the work of this QA network with the work of the Education and Training 2020 Workgroups – Open Method of Coordination nominees – from the countries of the region
  • Establishment of an on-line regional platform offering possibilities for communication and sharing between experts.
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