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Modernization of VET

ERI SEE supports activities related to the modernization of VET refer to the development and ehancement of the work-based learning in the region, in cooperation with the South East Europe VET Network (SEEVET-Net) and regional chambers of commerces (gathered under the umbrella of the Chambers Investment Forum – CIF) in a way of:

  • Enabling exchanges of practices (via regular annual meetings/workshops/seminars of the SEEVET Net members)
  • Expanding the cooperation to the social partners and business sector (through participation of Chambers of Commerce and representatives of business sector in the SEEVET Net meetings/workshops)
  • Working on the development of the joint regional project promoting work-based learning and regional occupational standards.

With that in mind, continuous meetings, workshops, and discussions are held:

Belgrade, 19th September 2016 (19092016_SEEVETNet_agenda, minutes_SEEVETNet_19092016_final)

Belgrade, 6th December 2016 (06122017_SEEVETNet_agenda_draft_final, 06122016_SEEVETNet_Minutes_final)

Podgorica, 14 – 15th March 2017 (SEEVETNet_CIF_14032017_final, 14032017_SEEVETNet_CIF_conclusions_final)

Vienna, 28th – 29th November 2017 (28112017_SEEVET_Net-agenda-final, 28-29112017_SEEVET_Net_minutes_final)

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