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ETF Forum For Quality Assurance In VET, 30-31 January 2024, Turin, Italy

ETF Forum for Quality Assurance in VET, 30-31 January 2024, Turin, Italy

Quality assurance (QA) experts from the EU and surrounding countries at the end of January 2024 at the European Training Foundation (ETF) to discuss about ways to improve Quality Assurance (QA) in vocational education and training (VET). The Annual meeting gathered the National Contact Persons and Alternate National Contact Persons of the Forum for QA in VET to:

  • Exchange on the latest/ongoing national developments in the domain of QA in VET in the Forum member countries, best practices and challenges,
  • Discuss, jointly finetune and agree on activities in 2024,
  • Learn and reflect about several projects and initiatives in QA in VET in the EU/EQAVET and in the ETF partner countries, including a local site visit.

The ETF Forum for QA in VET is a translational network of national quality assurance institutions set up in 2017. Countries from three regions are part of the Forum: Southern and Eastern Mediterranean, Eastern Partnership, Western Balkans & Türkiye. The objective of the Forum is to support the improvement of national quality assurance in VET through peer learning, transnational cooperation and finding solutions to common challenges.

Ms Tina Šarić, Director of the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI-SEE) took an active part in the meeting by presenting the regional methodology of external evaluation contributing to quality culture in SEE region.

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