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Publication Of The Study On The Teacher Education And Training Needs Analysis Systems In SEE

Publication of the Study on the Teacher Education and Training Needs Analysis Systems in SEE

As a result of the cooperation between Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe, European Training Foundation and agencies in charge of teacher education and training from South Eastern Europe, the Study on the Teacher education and training needs analysis systems in South Eastern Europe has been produced and published.

The Study is based on the desk research and interviews with experts from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia, implemented by Mirjana Beara, Ph.D., and Danijela S. Petrović, Ph.D.

The Study shows that the importance of the teacher education and training system is recognized by all of the economies as an important factor in the quality of teaching and learning as well as students’ achievements. The needs analyses are envisaged as systems at three levels: individual, school and national. However, the connection among the leves is one aspect that should be improved. There are also recommendations for other possible improvements, such as strengthening school-based professional development for teachers, greater cooperation among schools in peer learning, supporting the process of teachers’ self-evaluation and reflection of their own practice, accreditation of training programmes according to agreed quality criteria, and tuning the catalogues with the actual needs of teachers.

The results of the Study will be used to plan further activities of the South Eastern European Teacher Education and Training Network (SEE TET Network), coordinated by the ERI SEE and ETF and composed of representatives of teacher education and training agencies from the region.

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