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Sharing Insights: ERI SEE’S Analysis Of Regional Training Needs Questionnaire Responses

Sharing insights: ERI SEE’S analysis of regional training needs questionnaire responses

In a virtual meeting held on November 10, 2023, the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE) brought together representatives of external evaluation agencies for pre-tertiary education from seven economies, including Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia, and Serbia. The focal point of this gathering was the presentation of the Analysis of the responses of the Regional Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire (TNA) for external evaluators, a comprehensive exploration conducted among more than 150 external evaluators during October 2023.

The session commenced with an introduction by Ms Tina Šarić, the Director of ERI SEE, who provided a contextual overview of the TNA Regional questionnaire. Following this, Ms Zaneta Conteva, PhD, an external expert, took center stage to present a detailed analysis of the responses received from evaluators in the South Eastern European economies and Moldova. Her presentation not only unveiled the current training needs of the region but also offered a nuanced understanding of the educational landscape. As the meeting progressed, Ms Tina Šarić returned to outline the future trajectory, emphasizing the preparation of regional training program modules based on the TNA results. The outcomes of the Regional Training Needs Analysis are poised to influence the formulation of tailored training modules, thus contributing significantly to the external evaluation practices and external evaluators competences in participating economies.

You can download the presentation from the event here.

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