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The first and the second working group meeting for the hotel and restaurant technician occupational standard in Tirana

The first two meetings of the working group for the development of the hotel and restaurant technician occupational standard (HRTOS) were organised back-to-back- on 04 and 05 of October 2019 in “Xheko Imperial Hotel” in Tirana. The meetings were chaired by Ms Ejvis Gishti, director of The National Agency of Vocational Education Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ). The members of the working groups were business representatives from the tourism sector. The representatives of the union of the chambers of commerce, hotel tourism school and NAVETQ were present in the meeting as observers.

The two meetings covered the following topics:

Orientation towards the process of developing occupational standards, Ejvis Gishti, NAVETQ
Functions identification,
Tasks identification,
Identification of functions and tasks for “Hotel and Restaurant Technician”
Identification of knowledge, skills and behaviors,
Identification of knowledge, skills, performance criteria and behaviors,

The next meeting is planned to be organised on 16th of October 2019.

The meeting was organised by Ms Diana Xhelili of the NAVETQ, National Contact Point for Education within the TO REGOS project.

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