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TO REGOS Organisational and Capacity Development Meeting & 10th PMM, Montenegro 13-14 July 2021

The TO REGOS Organisational and Capacity Development Meeting was organised in Montenegro on 13th and 14th July 2021. The 10th and final project management meeting was organised on the margins of the meeting. The objectives of the training and PMM meeting were to:

  • Offer capacity development to national teams on cooperation between education and business sector in the development of OS, QS and curricula, VET placements in companies and quality assurance, and cross cutting issues (gender equity and social sustainability).
  • Work of further harmonization in the selection of sectors, occupational standards and qualification standards for the next project phase
  • Discuss modes of sustainability of project results and regional cooperation
  • Collect additional inputs for Lessons Learnt publication
  • Offer platform for peer learning and exchanges

The meeting gathered 19 TO REGOS Consortium representatives from five TO REGOS economies, NCPs for education, NCPs for business and employees  (OS and QS experts) of VET agencies and chambers of commerce. The training was provided by experts from Sweden: Niklas Nannskog, expert on gender equity and social sustainability, Kenneth Jansson, expert on special education and inclusion and Leif Boregren, expert on work based learning and apprenticeships.

Presentations and Lectures

Relevance and impact of social dimension of education, Niklas Nannskog, Malmö University – download

Special education and inclusion – possibilities and dilemmas, Kenneth Janson, Malmö Borgarskola – download

How to secure the quality of VET placements – two models and regional differences, Leif Boregren, Malmö Borgarskola – (lecture)

Gender equality and equity in relation to curricula, Niklas Nannskog Malmö University – download


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