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Banja Luka 02
Banja Luka 02
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TO REGOS – the third working group meeting for the hotel and restaurant technician occupational standard, Banja Luka

The third meeting of the working group for the development of the hotel and restaurant technician occupational standard (HRTOS) was organised on 23 and 24 of October 2019 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) within the framework of the TO REGOS project. The two-day meeting gathered business experts from the tourism and hospitality sector from six hospitality enterprises from different parts of BiH marking the first step in the development of  this occupational standard.

The meeting aimed at:

  • Analyze the results of the work of the working group from the second meeting
  • Development of occupational standards – Part II: Finalize the definition of related indicators (required knowledge, skills and elements of personal competences)
  • Analyze submitted comments on the current content of the standard
  • Conduct revision / control of occupational standards and compare with occupational requirements, proposed occupation description and unsolicited content in the form
  • Develop a final proposal for a standard as a basis for a regional standard

The third meeting of the national working groups within the TO REGOS project has been organised by Dušan Sarajlić of the Agency for Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary Education – APOSO.

The meeting agenda can be downloaded here.

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