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2nd Meeting Of Regional Experts In Quality Assurance In General Education, 8th November 2017, Zagreb

2nd meeting of Regional Experts in Quality Assurance in General Education, 8th November 2017, Zagreb

The 2nd meeting of Regional Experts in Quality Assurance, organized by the ERI SEE and with the support of the KulturKontakt Austria, and hosted by the Croatian Centre for the External Evaluation of Education, was be held in Zagreb on the 8th November 2017.

The focus of the meeting was to create a platform for the regional experts in the field of quality assurance to learn from each other’s experiences, recognize common challenges and reflect on future joint activities aimed at improving the QA systems and aspects, this time with a particular focus on internal quality mechanism regulating high professional standards and integrity in institutions work, and accounting for transparency and quality of their activities. Therefore, the existing and potential internal quality assurance mechanisms were presented and discussed. For this purpose, the Finnish education experts from the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre were invited and presented their experienced in various models of internal quality mechanism, as well as their practices in the evaluation of institutions.

In addition, the participants were presented a model of the IT system that can assist in performing the tasks regarding various aspects of quality assurance, namely national examinations. Future regional activities were discussed. In the final part of the meeting, a study visit to the Croatian Centre for external evaluation of education was organized.

Next meeting of the network is planned for the first quarter of 2018.

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