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Recognition of Academic Qualifications

The actions on the recognition of academic qualifications build on the priorities outlined in the South East 2020 Strategy and the work carried out by ERI SEE as part of the ERI SEE Work Programme, as well as the work within the framework of the Bologna process and the relevant recommendations adopted by the Ministers of Education at the Bologna Ministerial Conference in May 2015 as outlined in the Yerevan Communique, and is stressed as a priority withing the Common Regional Market Action Plan), endorsed by Prime ministers of the region.

In the period from 2018 – 2022 a number of meetings of the ERI SEE-RCC Joint Regional Working Group on Recognition of Academic Qualifications took place, shaping future in the area of recognition of higher education qualifications in the Western Balkans, which were successfully completed with the signing of the regional Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications in the Western Balkans 6, in the framework of the Berlin Process, in November 2022.

With that in mind, continuous activities are held:


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