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Regionally-based occupational standards

In order to contribute to developments in education and training sector in the SEE region, ERI SEE strongly supports cooperation between the South East Europe VET Network (SEEVET Net) (association of the VET agencies/centres from the SEE region) and regional chambers of commerce (gathered under the umbrella of the Chambers Investment Forum – CIF).  This cooperation is also known as the Western Balkans Alliance for Work-based Learning (WBA for WBL). The WBA for WBL was established within the Berlin Process, a political initiative aiming at supporting the Western Balkans integration into the European Union.

The WBA for WBL has agreed on a number of joint activities with the purpose of establishing regionally-based occupational standards in 2 sectors – tourism and catering, and construction industry, approved as the Towards regionally-based occupational standards – TO REGOS project. The project is funded by the Austrian Development Agency, with funds of Austrian Development Cooperation. ERI SEE is the lead partner in this project, with VET agencies/centres and chambers of commerce being implementing partners.

The activities agreed upon are extremely relevant, having in mind the importance of occupational standards (which identify the necessary, labour-market relevant skills), for shaping the qualification standards and their learning outcomes, and consequently, curricula.

Namely, in the course of the project, the input received from the business sector (in cooperation with the chambers of commerce) about what is really needed or will be needed on the labour market, will be integrated into regionally-based occupational standards, using the regionally-agreed methodology. Regionally-based occupational standards will contain the description of tasks, activities and skills needed on the whole SEE labour market. This will be used when further developing the qualification standards at national levels. Thus, finally developed qualification standards will be addressing the needs of employers from the whole region, and allowing for greater mobility and employability across the region in the future.

The WBA for WBL has established its own WBA4WBL portal, managed by ERI SEE, to monitor in greater detail what is happening at regional and national levels in the course of the TO REGOS project.

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