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Education in Albania

Education in Albania is provided by both public and private institutions at all levels. The main body for primary, secondary and tertiary education is the Ministry of Education and Sports (MES).

Basic education [Arsimi Bazë] starts at the age of six years old and is compulsory. It is composed by two cycles: primary cycle (classes I-IV) and lower secondary cycle (classes VI-IX). Pupils are obliged to follow basic education until the age of 16. The pupils that are 16 years old but did not complete primary education can complete it in part-time schools. Basic education for pupils with limited abilities is organized in special schools, in special classes within normal schools or integrated in normal classes.

Higher secondary education [Arsimi i Mesëm] is optional. The higher secondary education in Albania is composed by: general high schools [Gjimnazet] and by professional high schools [Shkollat e Mesme Profesionale]. The study in general high schools least for three years and is completed by the Matura Exams [Provimet e Maturës].[1]

Higher education institutions in Albania are both public and private. Universities in Albania are both public and private. Currently there are 16 public universities and 26 private higher education institutions that operate in Tirana as well as in the main regions. Funding sources of public higher education institutions are: state budget, student tuition fees, income from services rendered or generated by third parties, donations, scientific activities, international projects, bilateral or multilateral agreements, funding from special funds.

[1] Ministry of Education and Sports website:

Source and more information: Eurydice

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