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In accordance with the strategic framework in the area of education and training, which specified improving the quality and efficiency of education and training as one of the strategic objectives crucial for the success of Europe and the region, and for enhancing employability, ERI SEE prioritised this topic. There is a general understanding in the SEE region that education systems should develop along the lines of policy guidance directed at, among others, adopting and implementing quality standards in education, introducing internal assessment and external evaluation of education, improving education systems outcomes for greater employability and greater achievements, improving access to education, skills matching the labour market needs, increasing levels of basic and transversal/soft skills among teachers and consequently students, and creating opportunities for permanent in-service teacher trainings. Increase in the level of digitalisation is also deemed necessary for the increase in the quality of education and better preparation for students for the life and work in the modern era.

Within the framework of ERI SEE, the activities organized with a view of supporting this strategic framework and understanding, aiming at increasing the quality of education, included:

  • the set-up of the Regional group of experts in the Quality Assurance in general education, composed of representatives of agencies dealing with various aspects of quality assurance
  • enabling their cooperation in a structured framework, consisting of regular annual meetings and planning project activities
  • offering possibilities to exchange practices, experiences and expertise as well as learn from peers, through joint regional activities and consultations.

Regional gatherings were organize in:

Belgrade, 25th May 2017

Zagreb, 8th November 2017

Podgorica, 6th and 7th December 2018

Belgrade, 24th and 25th October 2019

Development of the Study on the external evaluation aspects in general education, with the focus on external evaluators’ initial and continuous training and monitoring – March 2020 (ongoing)

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