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Meeting On The Report On The Pilot For The Self-Assessment Of Digital Competences In SEE On 10 March 2021

Meeting on the Report on the Pilot for the Self-Assessment of Digital Competences in SEE on 10 March 2021

The Report on the Pilot for the Self-Assessment of Digital Competences in SEE dissemination meeting gathered representatives from responsible ministries and national agencies from Albania, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia and Serbia along with national and international experts on 10th March 2021 to present and discuss the main Report conclusions and recommendations.

The meeting was organised by the European Training Foundation – ETF in the cooperation with ERI SEE Secretariat as the part of the Digital Needs Analysis Tool for Teachers (DNATT) pilot that aimed to develop and test a self-assessment process, to identify and analyse the digital competences of teachers, to analyse current Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provision and needs and to help inform the planning of future CPD in five South Eastern Europe countries. This project is being led by ETF working in partnership with the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe’s Teacher Education and Training Network (ERI SEE TET) and the EU’s Joint Research Council (JRC) and with education ministries and agencies in the five countries. It is an international collaboration through which experience and know-how can be shared and extended, creating solutions to common problems in the region and beyond.

Agenda of the meeting is available here.



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