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Ministries in charge of Education and Training

The education sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina reflects the state constitution. It is defined by the BiH Constitution, the constitutions of the entities, cantons, and the Statute of Brčko District of BiH, which govern legal competencies in education.

BiH consists of two entities (The Republic of Srpska and Federation of BiH) and Brcko district of BiH.

The Republic of Srpska has a centralized government and one ministry of education. Federation of BiH has a decentralized government and consists of ten cantons where each canton has their own ministry of education. There is also Federal ministry of education, but this ministry has only coordinative role. And Brcko district of BiH has a government with departments. One of those department is The Department for Education. In accordance with that there are twelve responsible institutions of education in BiH.

The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, ten cantonal ministries of education in the Federation of BiH and the Department for Education of the Brčko District of BiH Government. There are also two others ministries with coordinating role. The Federal Ministry of Education and Science coordinates, among other things, activities within the Federation of BiH, between ten cantons. The Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH (MoCA), established on a state level and coordinates activities within all education institutions in BiH. In accordance to the law, MoCA is responsible for carrying out activities and tasks within the jurisdiction of BiH related to defining basic principles of coordination of activities, harmonization of plans of entity bodies and defining strategy at the international level, including, among others, education.

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