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20200305 110958
20200305 110958
20200305 110945
20200305 110958 20200305 110945

The final working group meeting for the hotel and restaurant technician qualification standard in Podgorica

The final meeting of the working group tasked to develop the qualification standard for the hotel and restaurant technician occupational standard met in Podgorica on 5th March 2020.

Based on the regionally based hotel and restaurant technician occupational standard developed within the TO REGOS project the working group finalised its work on defining qualification units, learning outcomes, knowledge areas and key competences in line with the methodology of the qualification development.

The meeting was attended by relevant business representatives and education experts of the Centre for Vocational Education and it was organised by Ms Sandra Brkanović and Mr Dušan Bošković of the Centre for Vocational Education.

Upon finalisation the qualification standard will be published in the section Project Outputs of the WBA4WBL Platform.

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