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The RCF – The First Call For Expressions Of Interest

The RCF – the first Call for Expressions of Interest

The Regional Challenge Fund (RCF) is a new program that seeks to increase the productivity and competitiveness of businesses in the Western Balkans 6.
Businesses need skilled employees. And young people need to build the right skills, which can be difficult in today’s challenging environment. The RCF will help bridge this gap by funding investments in the equipment and infrastructure that vocational training institutes need to help their students build the skills that today’s companies demand.

The first Call for Expressions of Interest is Open from February 1st until April 30th 2021! This call is published simultaneously in the six Western Balkan economies and invites applications from all six economies and all economic sectors.

The RCF can support projects focused on introducing or improving cooperative training programs. Consortia can apply for funds to purchase equipment or machinery, do construction or renovations,improve curricula and training materials, or train teachers or in-company trainers to strengthen the practical aspects of training courses.

To find out more about the open calls, eligibility criteria, applications process, and upcoming events please visit

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