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TO REGOS Project Management Meeting, 11 May 2021

The eight Project Management Meeting was organised by the ERI SEE Secretariat on 11 May 2021 within the TO REGOS project. The meeting gathered NCPs for education and NCPs for business and their delegates as well as national team members nominated by the NCPs as being pertinent to the implementation of the TO REGOS project.

The main objectives of the meeting were to: (1) provide an overview of the status of the TO REGOS activities (2) reach consensus on future activities (3) make preparations for the closing conferences and other final activities.

The project partners evaluated the state of play and concluded that the project is well on track . It was concluded that the final conferences will take place in six TO REGOS economies. The project partners discussed and made agreements on dissemination activities to take be organised in the final project months.

For more about the TO REGOS project please visit the TO REGOS section on the WBA4WBL platform.

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