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European Business University (EBU) Scholarship Program – in cooperation with the ERI SEE Secretariat

The ERI SEE Secretariat partnered with the European Business University (EBU) to promote the EBU Scholarship Program and offer on-line opportunities for individuals coming from the South Eastern European region and Moldova. 700 scholarships are offered to individuals from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, Moldova, the Republic of North Macedonia and Serbia, with the main objective of increasing access to quality education for underprivileged individuals and support them with the skills set required at the labour market. The scholarships are offered for high-quality EBU programs/courses on-line and are supported by the Luxembourg Government.

The regular market value of the programs/courses offered is 740 EUR per course; however, within this Scholarship Programme they are offered for free and only with the condition of 20 EUR Commitment Fee payment (paid via a credit card). The courses are provided in English, so the knowledge of English is essential. (However, with those who need support with their English skills, an on-line programme in English is offered within this scheme as well).

Each program/course lasts 13 weeks (from 30th May until 4th September) and includes 1 online webinar per week. The application deadline for the courses is 13th May 2022. The application process is very simple, and the detailed instruction on the application procedure is available here.

The Scholarship Programme includes the following courses:

  • Strategic management I & II
  • Business management I & II
  • Introduction to python
  • Plutus/Haskell
  • Women in leadership
  • Beginners English (A1)
  • Fundamentals of blockchain technology I & II
  • Public finance and taxation
  • Financial management
  • Financial reporting
  • CPA program (3 courses – 2 years total

Use this opportunity that will boost your career and apply now!

More information about the programs/courses is available @ EBU Certificate Impact Program Course Catalogue.

For any questions please contact


The European Business University (EBU) is a business school that offers scholarships to students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and now Europe. Hosting multiple specialized online courses, the EBU is dedicated to fulfilling the University’s primary educational mission of sustaining a tradition of academic excellence and ensuring a world-class education, also provided to students who cannot afford the cost of education. EBU is present in 110 counties. In the last two scholarship programmes the EBU organised scholarships for 4000 students in 2021 and 6000 in 2022.

ERI SEE is an international organization established by the ministries of education from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. Its mandate is to, through regional cooperation in education and training, support national reform processes, all with the goal of continuous increase in quality of education and training in the region, for the benefit of its citizens.

For additional information on the Scholarship Programme or work we do in the South Eastern Europe and Republic of Moldova feel free to contact us @


* This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UNCSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

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