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Important Information About Scholarship Program At European Business University From Luxembourg Offered To Moldovans

Important information about scholarship program at European Business University from Luxembourg offered to Moldovans

Dear students,

In cooperation with the Ministry of education, culture and research of the Republic of Moldova, ERI SEE (Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe) is contacting you to inform you about the Scholarship program that is now available to Moldovan citizens for on-line courses offered at the European Business University from Luxembourg, supported by the Luxembourg Government.

The scholarships are offered to 100 Moldovan citizens (to student and adult population). The scholarships refer to business and IT on-line courses, like Strategic management, Finances, Women in Leadership, Python, and are provided in English.

The application and enrolment procedure is closing on 13th May, and the courses start on 30th May 2022. Application procedure is very simple and is described in detail here.

We would kindly ask you to announce and spread the information attached on your website, instagram, facebook and/or Linked-in accounts and send it to your contacts, so that Moldovan students can be informed about this opportunity and use it to boost their employability and career prospects. For promotion you can simply copy the announcement attached (web info – available in Romanian and English) that we have prepared and leaflets (download: here), which clearly describe the offer and application process.

And very briefly about us: we are the Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe (ERI SEE, ), which is an international organization established by the ministries of education from the South Eastern Europe and Moldova. We are supporting quality developments in the countries of SEE and Moldova through different regional projects, exchanges, conferences, trainings and other activities. Our goal is to enhance the quality of education and training in our region and to offer quality education opportunities to citizens of the above-mentioned region. Therefore, we have partnered with the European Business University – to bring more opportunities for development of knowledge and skills for Moldovan citizens!

We are available for on-line meeting in case you would like to hear more about this program and the work we are doing. You can also write to us for more information. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Many thanks for your cooperation and we remain at your disposal.

With best wishes,

Tina Šarić
Education Reform Initiative of South Eastern Europe/ERI SEE Secretariat

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